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Welcome to JMAN, Java Mail And News. jman is a small, modular, multithreaded e-mail and Usenet client for the Java platform released as open source under the GNU General Public License.

jman currently has support for the NNTP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols and standard RFC 822 messaging without making use of the Javamail API.

Its current version is 0.1.0pre3. It is in the pre-alpha stages. It is currently functional if somewhat buggy and quirky. Among its features:

  • Multiple identities assignable to accounts and folders
  • Message download limits
  • Viewable and modifiable connection objects
  • Thread and date Sorting

Future support for MIME and message attachments, the IMAP protocol, and other additional features is planned.

new! After a long period of neglect, work has resumed on jman as of Summer 2006. Expect to see more core functionality, features, and perhaps a development roadmap by the end of the year '06.

Questions, suggestions, and feedback to Andrew Levin.

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